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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Palin endorses India's bowling attack

In a huge boost to India's beleaguered bowlers, ex-governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, today said that she gave "those good ol' guys my full backing". Coming a day after her endorsement of Donald Trump as the Republican presidential nominee, Palin explained that she was "a huge fan of anyone who was popular and quite dangerous at home among a adoring fanbase but a bit of a laughing stock overseas". 

Palin: "You will never take away Ishant Sharma's freedom to bowl like a drain"
Speaking to a gushing Bhupendra Chaubey, who told the former vice presidential candidate she was a "wonderful example of decency and a great role model for all India's young ladyfolk I look after", Palin claimed that "she knew how to choose a winner". When it was pointed out to her that India had already lost their ODI series in Australia after a succession of humiliating beatings, the fading doyen of American's right blamed the "lamestream media and liberals like Ravi Shastri" for the team's current plight. When asked by Chaubey what she thought of Sunny Leone, Palin replied that she'd "never been there but could see it out of her window on a plane sometimes." 


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