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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Amir refuses to play with Yasir Shah

After star Pakistan leg-spinner Yasir Shah tested positive for a banned diuretic, returning fast bowler Mohammad Amir today stated he would refuse to play in the same side as "that rotter". Amir, who is set to return to the national team following a five-year ban imposed after the ICC found him guilty of coming from a small village, said that he could not share a dressing room with someone who "brings the good name of Pakistan cricket into disrepute".

Amir: "Zero tolerance" on cheats

Amir's stand, which has been condemned and supported by a confused Mohammad Hafeez, throws Pakistan's preparations for the forthcoming tour of New Zealand into further chaos. Speaking from Lahore, however, PCB chairman Shahryar Khan expressed his delight at everything returning to normal: "To be honest, this recent period of stability we've had in Pakistan cricket has been nice but it's not us. A settled team, a sensible captain, a board making logical decisions. That might be all very well for some countries, but that's just not how we roll. It's nice that we're back on an uneven keel."



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