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Saturday, 28 November 2015

India renew opposition to use of Nigel Llong

In light of today's non-dismissal of pivotal Australian batsman, Nathan Lyon, the BCCI today reiterated it still had "serious doubts" over the use of umpire Nigel Llong in Test matches.

Speaking from Sachin's pocket, a spokesman explained: "Today's farce yet again proves we were right to be wary of the use of Nigel Llong in cricket and, furthermore, goes to show our more general scepticism towards technology is valid. As such, Virat's decision to insist Indian Test groundsmen produce wickets using only their bare hands, rather than these fancy rollers and so forth, has also been fully vindicated. In contrast to the technoshambles in Adelaide, look at the fair-to-all cricket everyone has enjoyed in our close-fought series against South Africa."

Supporters who oppose the use of technology also seized on Lyon's reprieve.  "The other day asked my cat to write my bachelor thesis by walking all over my laptop keyboard," said one Delhi student. "The screen just displayed a load of incomprehensible gibberish. I even had spellcheck on which is meant to eliminate the obvious howler, but Mr Sniffles' efforts were still riddled with mistakes. Obviously I threw the laptop out immediately and replaced it with Marais Erasmus."


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