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Friday, 6 April 2012

ICC fine Pietersen 'for distracting from DRS tedium'

England Batsman and former Glee cast member Kevin Pietersen was today handed a $10,000 fine from the ICC and all Sky commentators after his switch hit antics in the Second Test unforgivably overshadowed further debate around the controversial Decision Review System. Pietersen, who received an official warning for time wasting on Thursday after Tillakaratne Dilshan refused to bowl to him because the Sri Lankan was in a massive strop, has called the fine 'ridiculous' and vowed to immediately appeal the decision once he had consulted with Andrew Strauss for two minutes and explained to Stuart Broad that "you can't use this appeal, Stu. It's not for you, mate."

Controversial: KP denies he has become a bit too blasé about playing the switch hit

In a move designed to show the ICC is "down with the tech", boss Haroon Lorgat sent journalists an email from what he called his new "iPad thingy" explaining the penalty: "The ICC has worked very hard to ensure debate around DRS is in place at every ground in the world," he wrote as tiny, gold-plated fish nibbled dry skin off his feet in a Dubai spa.  "By allowing host nations to use a certain amount of flexibility in how they implement the technology - they can provide the third umpire with Hot Spot and Hawkeye as well as a coin to toss - we have laboured to keep the tedium over DRS going. Once again KP, or 'K-Me' as I call him - LOL (sic?) - has diverted attention away from our efforts."

With the number of international players using the switch hit rising 100% to two since it was invented by Pietersen in 2008, many in the game believe the authorities are correct to now clamp down on a shot which some fans have described as "really exciting" and "brilliant". Other people were understandably too busy dribbling over this picture for various reasons to comment.



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