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Monday, 26 December 2011

DRS views to become mandatory say ICC

Following a controversial opening day at the MCG, when a small number of cricket followers failed to give an opinion on the Decision Review System (DRS), the International Cricket Council has announced that passing comment on technology's role in the sport will soon be made mandatory for all supporters across the globe. No firm proposals will be put forward until the current Future Tours Programme ends in 2031, but the ICC has stated it believes that 'the cricket itself ' is increasingly becoming too much of a distraction from 'the real point of substance in our beautiful game, namely our decisive management of the DRS issue.'

Although the BCCI and majority of Indian fans have already suggested they are not prepared to use the new Mandatory View System (MVS), the rest of the cricket world have made clear they are unhappy with the current somewhat patchy situation, whereby views are often expressed, but do not have to be if someone doesn't want to. The ICC said they believed this messy fudge of equivocation was 'not too bad really', but that they have now finally been forced to act after the dismissals of Australia's Ed Cowan and Mike Hussey in the First Test against India provoked over 3 million Twitter users to stick their oar in, but left a core group of traditionalists completely disinterested. The ambiguity was exacerbated after Ravi Shastri uncharacteristically also refused to comment on the matter, choosing instead to just point out on commentary that the Christmas presents he received were much nicer than Nasser Hussain's.

By contrast, ECB chief Giles Clarke explained why he was pushing for the new move: "It's become quite clear that this piecemeal approach to views isn't working. We've got some people getting in a Twizz about Hot Spot, some clogging up Facebook statuses wittering on about Hawkeye, but if cricket is going to become as communication savvy as, for example, football, we really need to compel every arsehole with an opinion to put it forward, however idiotic it may be,' he said from Texas, where he is comforting an old friend with mobility issues.

Must-have views: The ICC's new temporary residence in Victoria

The ICC's next 'synergy lunch' does not fall until mid-February, but a number of well-seasoned insiders claimed they believed the new MVS could be in place by the start of the Second Test in Sydney if "a gazebo with executive vol-au-vent solutions" could be found to host an earlier meeting for its members currently within the Melbourne area. Ex-England skipper Tony Greig also said he hoped the idea would be firmed up as soon as possible but expressed bemusement at its necessity: 'I thought it had been mandatory to tweet non-stop about DRS since last April,' he said, attempting to drag Bill Lawry into the 'Oh Boy!' gentlemen's club on Bourke Street. Brad Haddin and Peter Siddle remained unmoved at stumps.



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