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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wicketkeeping jokes: some Kamran Akmal shockers.

Fan: Kamran, is it true you break wind professionally?
Akmal: What are you talking about?
Fan: I was told you get paid every time you drop one.


Kamran's Agent: Cheer up, Kamran, I've got some good news. You've got a lucrative new sponsor.
Akmal: Oh great, who is it?
Agent: Teflon.


Suffering from itchy, sore eyes a lady pops to the chemist's to pick up some Optrex. Returning home she's bemused to find the instruction leaflet's 'Daily dosage' section contains only a photo of Kamran Akmal. She immediately rings up customer support to ask for an explanation. "Ah yes, sorry, Madam," says the assistant. "We thought everyone knew it meant three drops a day."


Unlikely you can do any worse than my efforts so please post your own below.



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