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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wicketkeeping jokes: some Kamran Akmal shockers.

Fan: Kamran, is it true you break wind professionally?
Akmal: What are you talking about?
Fan: I was told you get paid every time you drop one.


Kamran's Agent: Cheer up, Kamran, I've got some good news. You've got a lucrative new sponsor.
Akmal: Oh great, who is it?
Agent: Teflon.


Suffering from itchy, sore eyes a lady pops to the chemist's to pick up some Optrex. Returning home she's bemused to find the instruction leaflet's 'Daily dosage' section contains only a photo of Kamran Akmal. She immediately rings up customer support to ask for an explanation. "Ah yes, sorry, Madam," says the assistant. "We thought everyone knew it meant three drops a day."


Unlikely you can do any worse than my efforts so please post your own below.


  1. dear oh dear oh dear

  2. Surely he drops them bcos he has greasy palms?

  3. I sent this one to Cricinfo's commentary during the match and they had published it:

    What is Kamran Akmal's favourite pickup line? - Can I DROP you somewhere? ;-)

  4. Arf, full marks, Shridhar. I would marry cricinfo if I could.



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